1. Twins Doing Knits

    I’ve been mistaken for my doppleganger intern, on more than one occasion. Once by my mother, once by the mailman, once by a random party-goer. It’s true, we look alike. So today while discussing the coming of winter, we decided to put together a chunky knits story, in matching fabrics, ala twins. In retrospect we should have shot the whole story in reflection. If you don’t have a chunky knit piece in your wardrobe yet, it’s time to fill the gap. Not only for warmth and comfort, but for the shear ease of wearing. Totally unplanned, each knit went perfectly with what we came to work in. No you’re not seeing double. You’re seeing chunky.

    Funktional Cozy Knit Long Sweater, Funktional Cozy Knit Scarf

    Minimarket Black Knit Ylva Sweater

    Eve Gravel Braided Scarf, Eve Gravel Braided Sweater

    Hikaru Noguchi Fairisle Gloves, Kai-aakmann Grey Wool Cardigan

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